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Hey PLDT Users

Are you using PLDT DSL? Have you been having problems loading pages?

Well, you're not alone.

Apparently, PLDT wasn't prepared for having so many subscribers, despite being the largest telecommunications provider in the country. It seems that a few months ago, they had run out of proper IP addresses. Whereas a typical log-in should get you an IP in the and up range, you're probably getting something in the range. I'm not really sure, but I think those IPs are leased from South Africa.

Anyway, that's probably the cause of your problem. The DNS servers for these new IP ranges are crap, and are making surfing goddamn painful

I've got a solution, though. Stop using PLDT's DNS services. There are a lot of free DNS services out there on the net, and the best of them is OpenDNS. Actually, I would recommend using OpenDNS even if you aren't on PLDT DSL. It's just a better DNS service overall. It'll speed up your surfing somewhat, as well as keep you safe from those nefarious phishing sites.

So go! The instructions are easy and clear, and it'll let you make better use of your internet connection:
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